BASF Audio Cassettes

BASF 1989-90

Type I:        Ferro Extra I  ->  Ferro Super I  ->  Ferro Maxima I

Type II:        Chrome Extra II  ->  Chrome Super II  ->  Chrome Maxima II

Type IV:        Metal maxima IV

Extra Cassettes: Soundtrack (type I), The Colours of Sounds (type I) and Go for It (type II).

New nice shell for type II cassettes.

BASF Chrome Extra II 1989

BASF Chrome Extra II

Type II

BASF Chrome Super II 1989

BASF Chrome Super II

Type II

BASF Chrome Maxima II 1989

BASF Chrome Maxima II

Type II

BASF Soundtrack 1989

BASF Soundtrack

Type I

BASF The Colours of Sounds 1989

BASF The Colours of Sounds

Type I

BASF Go for It 1989

BASF Go for It

Type II

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