Maxell Audio Cassettes

MAXELL 1990-91 EUR

Type I:        UR  ->  UDI  ->  XLI-S

Type II:        UDII (SXII)  ->  XLII  ->  XLII-S

Type IV:        MX  ->  MX-S  ->  Metal Vertex

Budget tape:        S-LN

XLI is still not present in US/EUR line-up. Type IV line was expanded. IN US/Eueope MX was renamed MX-S and “new”-lower quality MX has been introduced. In Japan there was no MX-S tape. Also TOTL Metal Vertex has been introduced. S-LN was a basic tape for cheap markets.

Maxell S-LN 1990

Maxell S-LN

Type I

Maxell MX 1990

Maxell MX

Type IV

Maxell MX-S 1990

Maxell MX-S

Type IV

Maxell Metal Vertex 1990

Maxell Metal Vertex

Type IV

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