Maxell Audio Cassettes

MAXELL 1991-93 EUR

Type I:        UR  ->  UDI (SXI)  ->  XLI-S

Type II:        UDII (SXII)  ->  XLII  ->  XLII-S

Type IV:        MX  ->  Metal Vertex

XLI is still not present in EUR line-up. SXI and SXII is the same tape as UDI and UDII but different shell. Is some countries we have SXI and SXII in other UDI and UDII.

Maxell UR 1991

Maxell UR

Type I

Maxell SXI 1991

Maxell SXI

Type I

Photo courtesy of “sowa pszemondzala”

Maxell UDI 1991

Maxell UDI

Type I

Maxell XLI-S 1991

Maxell XLI-S

Type I

Maxell SXII 1991

Maxell SXII

Type II

Photo courtesy of “sowa pszemondzala”

Maxell UDII 1991

Maxell UDII

Type II

Maxell XLII 1991

Maxell XLII

Type II

Maxell XLII-S 1991

Maxell XLII-S

Type II

Maxell MX 1991

Maxell MX

Type IV

photo courtesy of ""

Maxell Metal Vertex 1990

Maxell Metal Vertex

Type IV

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