Maxell Audio Cassettes

Maxell 1982-83 USA

Type I:        LN  ->  UD  ->  UDXLI  ->  XLI-S

Type II:        UDXLII  ->  XLII-S

Type IV:        MX

Japanese cassettes look little different. In USA XLI and XLII are called UDXLI and UDXLII. The equivalent of LN tape is called UL is Europe.

Maxell LN 1982

Maxell LN

Type I

US/EUR Market.

Maxell UD 1982

Maxell UD

Type I

US/EUR Market

Maxell UDXLI 1982

Maxell UDXLI

Type I

US Market.

Maxell XLI-S 1982

Maxell XLI-S

Type I

US/EUR Market

Maxell UDXLII 1982


Type II

US Market

Maxell XLII-S 1982

Maxell XLII-S

Type II

US/EUR Market

Maxell MX 1982

Maxell MX

Type IV

US/EUR Market

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