Maxell Audio Cassettes

Maxell 1986-87 US

Type I:        UR  ->  UR-F  ->  UDS-I  ->  XLI-S

Type II:        UDS-II  ->  UDX-II  ->  XLII  ->  XLII-S

Type IV:        MX

As usual: UDI and UDS-I are the same cassettes (JAPAN/EUR and US market), same with UDII and UDS-II. Most of the cassettes are the same as in 1985 Line. Looks like XLI is not present in US/EUR line-up.

Maxell UR 1985

Maxell UR

Type I

Maxell UR-F 1986

Maxell UR-F

Type I

Each length has different color.

Photo courtesy of “sowa pszemondzala”

Maxell UDI-S 1985

Maxell UDI-S

Type I

USA version of UDI

Maxell XLI-S 1986

Maxell XLI-S

Type I

Photo courtesy of “braxus”

Maxell UDII-S 1985

Maxell UDII-S

Type II

USA version of UDII

Maxell UDX-II 1986

Maxell UDX-II

Type II

Maxell XLII 1986

Maxell XLII

Type II

Maxell XLII-S 1986

Maxell XLII-S

Type II

Photo courtesy of “braxus”

Maxell MX 1986

Maxell MX

Type IV

Photo courtesy of “braxus”

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