Aurex and Toshiba Audio Cassettes

Aurex 1980-83

Type I:        AF  ->  AD

Type II:        AX

Type IV:        MX

Extra Cassettes:        MS and KS (BomBeat series), F and FH (Budget Series)

Aurex AF 1980

Aurex AF

Type I

Aurex AD 1980

Aurex AD

Type I

Aurex AX 1980

Aurex AX

Type II

Aurex MX 1980

Aurex MX

Type IV

Toshiba MS 60 1980

Toshiba MS 60

Type I

BomBeat Series

Toshiba MS 90 1980

Toshiba MS 90

Type I

BomBeat Series

Toshiba KS 1981

Toshiba KS

Type I

BomBeat Series

later model

Toshiba F 1980

Toshiba F

Type I

Budget Series

Toshiba FH 1980

Toshiba FH

Type I

Budget Series

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