Philips Audio Cassettes

Philips 1985-86 EUROPE

Type I:        FE I  ->  UF I

Type II:        UC II  ->  MC II

Budget Tapes:        SQ I

Extra Tapes:        SF I and SC II

The cassettes in this line-up is very similar to the previous one (1984-85). Small differences - mostly notable by plain black wrapper on a top. Me IV was removed from this line-up. later on new version of FE-I was instroduced and SF I and SC II.

Philips FE I 1985

Philips FE I

Type I

Philips FE I 1986

Philips FE I

Type I

Philips UF I 1984

Philips UF I

Type I

Philips UC II 1984

Philips UC II

Type II

Philips MC II 1984

Philips MC II

Type II

Philips SF I 1985

Philips SF I

Type I

Philips SC II 1985

Philips SC II

Type II

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