SONY Audio Cassettes

SONY 1974-75 (US)

Type I:        C  ->  UHF

Type II:        CRO

Type II:        FeCr

In US 1960-75, SONY brand was exclusively distributed by SUPERSCOPE. As a results the US cassettes are different then Japan and Europe. In January 1975, SONY bought back their rights to distribute their products in US.

SONY C-45 1974

SONY C-45 Plus 2

Type I

SONY C-90 1974

SONY C-90 Plus 2

Type I

SONY C-120 1974

SONY C-120 Plus 2

Type I

SONY UHF C-60 1974

SONY UHF C-60 Plus 2

Type I

SONY CRO-60 1974

SONY CRO-90 Plus 2

Type II

SONY FeCr-60 1974

SONY FeCr-60 Plus 2

Type II

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