TRIAD / THAT'S Audio Cassettes

That's 1987-88 EUROPE

Type I:        FM-S  ->  TX  ->  FX

Type II:        VX  ->  EX  ->  EM-X

Type IV:        MG-X  ->  MR-X

Small design changes in FX, EM-X and MG-X. New cassette EX

That's FM-S 1987

That's FM-S

Type I

photo courtesy of CapstanJack

That's TX 1987

That's TX

Type I

Photo courtesy of "kirunavaara"

That's FX 1987

That's FX

Type I

That's VX 1987

That's VX

Type II

Photo courtesy of "kirunavaara"

That's EX 1987

That's EX

Type II

That's EM-X 1987

That's EM-X

Type II

That's MG-X 1985

That's MG-X

Type IV

That's MR-X 1985

That's MR-X

Type IV

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