Memorex Audio Cassettes

Memorex Audio Cassette history.

Memorex was established in 1961 in Silicon Valley. Memorex entered the consumer media business in 1971 first with its "shattering glass" advertisements and then with a series of famous television commercials featuring Ella Fitzgerald. In the commercials she would sing a note that shattered a glass while being recorded to a Memorex audio cassette. The tape was played back and the recording also broke the glass, asking "Is it live, or is it Memorex?"

Today Memorex is a consumer electronics brand of Imation specializing in disk recordable media for CD and DVD drives, flash memory, computer accessories and other electronics.

Memorex 1971-73 US/EUR
Memorex 1974-75 US/EUR
Memorex 1976-77 US/EUR
Memorex 1978-81 US Memorex 1978-81 EUR
Memorex 1982-84 US/EUR
Memorex 1985-86 US/EUR
Memorex 1987-88 US Memorex 1987-88 EUR
Memorex 1989-90 US Memorex 1989-90 EUR
Memorex 1991-92 US Memorex 1991-92 EUR
Memorex 1993-94 US Memorex 1993-94 EUR
Memorex 1995-96 US Memorex 1995-96 EUR
Memorex 1997-99 US Memorex 1997-99 EUR

Some of the interesting ads of Memorex cassettes:

Memorex 1973 AD Memorex 1975 AD
Memorex 1984 AD Memorex 1985 AD

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