SKC/SMAT Audio Cassettes

SKC/SMAT Audio Cassette history:

SK Group is the third largest conglomerate (Chaebol) in South Korea. It changed its name from Sunkyoung Group to SK in 1997. SK Group began when the current founders acquired Sunkyung Textiles in 1953.

In 1976, the SKC Company was established. It began producing polyester film just one year later. By the end of the decade, SKC had begun to branch out. In 1979, for example, the company became the first in Korea, and only the fourth in the world, to produce magnetic tape for VHS recorders. SKC Company produces polyester films, and magnetic tape and optical media.

Sunkyong Magnetic was a major worldwide OEM supplier of audio cassettes (DENON, MEMOREX, SCOTCH) as well as pancakes for professional duplicating facilities. It makes and sells audio cassette tape under the brand name of SMAT and SKC. Sunkyong Magnetic supplies 30% of the audio tape in the worldwide market. The annual production of cassette tape is 1.3 billion units. It is the largest supplier of cassette tape in the world. In 2012 they are still producing the compact cassettes.

SMAT 1974-76
SMAT 1977-81
SMAT 1982-83
SKC 1984-86 SMAT 1984-87
SKC 1987-88 JPN SKC 1987-89 SMAT 1988-89
SKC 1990-92 SMAT 1990-91
SKC 1992-94 SMAT 1992-93
SMAT 1993-94
SMAT 1994-95
SKC 1995-98 SMAT 1995-98
SKC 1999-2001 SMAT 1999-2001
SKC 2001-2012 SMAT 2001-2004
SMAT 2005-2012

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