RAKS Audio Cassettes

RAKS Audio Cassette history:

Raks company was formed by Mr.Aslan Önel in 1964. RAKS Elektronik is Turkey’s largest and specialized manufacturing facility in mobile handsets, CD, CD-ROM, DVD,DVDR, audiocassette, videocassette, mobile telephone battery packs and DATs. RAKS Elektronik has built expertise in precision injection molding.

In 1995 RAKS in his Manisa plant (near Ismir) was running at full capacity producing 80 million audiocassettes, 28 milion videocassettes and 3 million CDs annually. Raks Elektronik, exported 90 percent of its video tapes and 65 percent of its audio tape sales. Raks Elektronik had exports of $92 million in 1995. It has also produced magnetic media products for Eastman Kodak in the U.S. and for international companies Aiwa and JVC.

BASF and RAKS have been successfully cooperating for years. The exchange of goods (coated tape material from BASF, ready-made audio cassettes from RAKS) reached a value of DM 60 million in 1995. In September 1996, RAKS signed a letter of offer to acquire the entire BASF Magnetic Media Products division. However the deal fell through soon after due to protests by BASF labor unions in Germany. BASF sold his magnetic tape business to KOHAP Group of Korea, effective Jan 1, 1997.

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