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History of Updates

November 10, 2011: I worked on AGFA section (17 new cassettes added, four cassettes thanks to Maksim "Audio Collector") [Several versions of AGFA Stereo Chrom and AGFA Super Ferro Dynamic plus several budget tapes]. Two Scotch cassettes added (Dynarange c90 and XSII-SX). Three Maxell cassettes were added (c60 from 1967 and two versions of Maxell Pochette from Japanese market). Fuji FR added (Europe 1985). Philips UFI added (1984). Thanks to Maksim "Audio Collector" we added better picture of BASF ferro super LH I (Europe 1981) and a new version of BASF LH extra I (Europe 1984). TDK A from South American market. Three Realistic cassettes from European market (Realistic Low Noise, Realistic Gold Plus, Realistic HB Plus).

October 19, 2011: I have added a huge selection of links to other compact cassette websited. I have also divided links into Forums (discussion boards) and Websites. Enjoy.

July 29, 2011: Relatively big update thanks to Maksim "Audio-Collector", "" and "books2books4u" (58 cassettes added and many better pictures uploaded). TDK type pages have been updated (TDK D, AD, AD-X, AR, AR-X, SA, SA-X, MA, MA-X, MA-R/MA-XG). TDK professional line added (21 cassettes): TDK AL and TDK AM (1988,1996), TDK SM (1988,1996,2003) and TDK SM-X (1996), TDK AV-D (1972,1979,1982,1985), TDK D-L “instant start” (1972,1985), TDK D “true mechanism” (1972,1975,1979). Two TDK AD from Australian market added (1995,1997), TDK D (1995/1996 EUR) and TDK A and CD Bass from 2003. Also Added: SONY UCX-S and Metal-ES (1985 US market), Denon DX3 (1983), Denon LX and GX pocket (1985), Maxell C-90 and C-120 from 1967 and C-120 from 1970, BASF Chromdioxid Super II (1981), BASF Ferrochrom III (1982 alt shell), BASF LH maxima I (1985 “big window” version), Scotch Master I, Master II, Master III (1977), Scotch XSI-SX (1990), TRIAD CD-IV (1986), That's AS-I (1990), Philips MCX (1990), Philips SQ (1979,1981), Philips SQ-1 (1984),Memorex Chrome SHQ (1997), Victor LN, Victor SF (1977), JVC G1, JVC AFI (1990 US), JVC GI, AFII, AFIIs (1992 US), Victor RZ (1991,1996,2000).

June 30, 2011: Update in SONY section (67 cassettes added). Sony EF (budget tapes) added thanks to "Audio-Collector", SONY FXI, SONY FXII, SONY FX, SONY ZX, SONY HD-F, SONY GF-X, SONY Classic, SONY Pops, SONY Rock. We have also splitted 1985,1986-87 and 1988 line-up into Japanese, US and European line-ups (there are small but noticable difference in line-up and packages).

June 5, 2011: Long needed update in BASF section. The whole section was redone chronologically with great help from "kirunavaara". Now it should be almost perfect. 1982-84 section was splitted into three 1981,1982-83,1984. Some cassetted added thanks to the Russian collector Maksim "Audio-Collector" ( Many budget tapes added. Overall we added 37 cassettes.

March 5, 2011: National / Technics / Panasonic section added (46 cassettes): National Low Noise, National COMPOS, National EN, National ED, National EX, National EM, National DS, National DU, National G, National X, National HG, National NS, National FA, National NA, National GA, National GA-X, National HA, National HA-X, National MA-DU, National Music, National NC, Technics SG, Techincs LN, Techincs XD, Techincs XA, Techincs MX, Techincs HG, Panasonic NX, Panasonic GX, Panasonic HX, Panasonic EP, Panasonic PX, Panasonic PX I, Panasonic PX II.

March 2, 2011: Hitachi / Lo-D section added (58 cassettes): Hitachi LN, Hitachi UD, Hitachi CX, Hitachi UDR, Hitachi UD-ER, Hitachi UD-EX, Hitachi ME, Hitachi ER, Hitachi SR, Hitachi EX, Hitachi SX, Lo-D DL, Lo-D UD, Lo-D ER, Lo-D SR, Lo-D EX, Lo-D SX, Lo-D ME, Lo-D UDR, Lo-D UDX, Hitachi HE-R, Hitachi UD-R, Hitachi CD-R, Hitachi UD-X, Hitachi CD-X, Hitachi MT-X, Hitachi Sound Break 52, Hitachi HE-N, Hitachi UD-N, Hitachi UD-S, Hitachi CD-S, Hitachi CD-E, Hitachi DJ-II, Hitachi CA, Hitachi UD-F, Hitachi UD-V, Hitachi MT.

January 6, 2011: Small changes in That's/TRIAD section. That's H2 and That's AS-II added courtesy of

December 18, 2010: We have added MEMOREX section with 46 cassettes: Memorex MRX, Memorex MRX2, Memorex MRX3, Memorex Chromium Dioxide, Memorex High Bias, Memorex MRX I, Memorex Chrome II, Memorex High Bias II, Memorex Metal IV, Memorex dB, Memorex dBS, Memorex HB II, Memorex MRX I S, Memorex CRX II, Memorex HBX II, Memorex CDX II, Memorex dBS+, Memorex CRX II S, Memorex HBS II, Memorex CDX IV, Memorex CIRE II, Memorex CIRE IV, Memorex dBS1, Memorex CRS, Memorex CRS-X, Memorex CD2, Memorex DBx, Memorex CDx, Memorex Ferro.

December 15, 2010: Huge updade. History of Compact Cassettes section added. Philips section added (52 cassettes): Philips Low Noise, Philips ChroumiumDioxide, Philips Standard, Philips Super, Philips Hi-Fi, Philips Ferro Chromium, Philips Ferro, Philips Super Ferro, Philips Ferro Chromium, Philips Metal, Philips Ultra Ferro, Philips Ultra Chrome, Philips FE I, Philips UC II, Philips MC II, Philips ME IV, Philips FS, Philips FSX, Philips CRX, Philips UCX, Philips MCX, Philips CD One, Philips CD Plus, Philips CD Extra, Philips CD Master. Realistic/Radioshack section added (25 cassettes) thanks to braxus: (Realistic Low Noise, Realistic Supertape, Realistic Chromium Dioxide, Realistic Gold, Realistic Chrome, Realistic Hi-Fi, Realistic Metal, Realistic LN, Realistic XR, Realistic HD, Realistic MII, Realistic MIV, Radioshack LN, Radioshack XR, Radioshack HD, Radioshack MS-X, Radioshack MP-X, Radioshack SHD). Couple cassettes added in FUJI section (FUJI FR-II from 1985 US Market, Fuji GT-IIx from 1988 EUR market, AXIA GT-IIx black version and AXIA A2 Black Slim).

October 3, 2010: Updated Scotch BX, Victor RZII, Maxell MX thanks to Thank you!

October 2, 2010: Finally we have updated Scotch section (now we have 84 cassettes from JAPAN/US/EUROPE). Most years and tapes are well researched but couple are guesses so we welcome the feedback. Intersting cassettes in Japanese section.

September 22, 2010: We added JVC/Victor section! (40 cassettes added including JVC F1, JVC DA1, JVC DA3, JVC DA7, JVC ME PRO II, JVC AFI, JVC AFII, JVC UFII, JVC XFIV, Victor DA1, Victor DA3, Victor DA7, Victor ME PRO II, Victor AF, Victor GF, Victor UF, Victor AFI, Victor GFI, Victor UFII, Victor XFIV, Victor RZI, Victor RZII). We received some help from our Russian friends: Gnat41 and Huckebein. Thank you!

September 2, 2010: Small changes in That's section (2 cassettes added).

September 1, 2010: Updated section of TDK cassettes: 1966-1972. We added first TDk Synchro Cassette and other interesting cassettes like TDK KROM-O2.

August 29, 2010: SONY section updated - 62 new cassettes. Mistakes in 1968-78 line-ups corrected. Added SONY SHF, SONY What's up, SONY Gokkingen, SONY G-up. Correctly placed series of SONY cassettes CDit I, CDit II and CD-IT. Various better pictures uploaded.

June 15, 2010: Maxell section updated. Some mistakes in European line-ups corrected thanks to kirunavaara. Several rare cassettes added: First Maxell UD from 1970, "New" XLI, XLI-S, XLII, XLII-S from 1984 US market. Blue LN cassettes placed correctly... (16 new cassettes added). Asian market added. Also Denon CD-Pal II added.

June 04, 2010: Fuji/AXIA section updated (78 new cassettes). Mostly from US and European markets 1985-2003: Fuji Dr-I, Fuji Dr-II, Fuji Dr-Ix, Fuji Fr-IIx, Fuji Fr-IIx PRO, Fuji JP-Is, Fuji JP-II, Fuji JP-IIx, FUJI GT-IIx, Fuji JP-IIx PRO, Fuji FR Metal, Fuji JP Metal, Fuji K1, Fuji K2, Fuji K2x, Fuji Z, Fuji ZII, Fuji Metal Z, Fuji CDFan1, Fuji CDFan2. Unfortunately we are missing cassettes from 1985-1989. Also AXIA cassettes coverage has been extended to 2006.

May 21, 2010: AGFA Section now contains almost all their cassettes. 44 new cassettes added! We added AGFA FerroColor, AGFA SuperFerro, AGFA StereoChrom, AGFA SuperChrom, AGFA Carat, AGFA Metal, AGFA F-DX I, AGFA F-DX I S, AGFA C-DX II, AGFA C-DX II S, AGFA LNX, AGFA CRX, AGFA HR, AGFA HR-S, AGFA HR-XS, AGFA SR, AGFA SR-S, AGFA SR-XS, AGFA Metal-XS.

April 17, 2010: 8 new DENON cassettes DENON RD-F, DENON Zippy-I and Zippy-II (first versions), Denon CDPAL-I, DENON K-RI and K-RII, DENON S-port High and Metal (first versions).

April 11, 2010: Huge Update in That's/TRIAD section. We added 71 cassettes from European, US and Japanese market. Check them out! Added That's EM, That's MG, That's MR, That's FX, That's TX, That's RX, That's VX, That's EX, That's EM-X, That's MG-X, That's MR-X, That's CD-I, That'c CD-II, That's CD-MH, That's CD-IV, That's EVE-I, That's EVE-II, That's EVE-IV, That's PH-I, That's PH-II, That's PH-IV, That's FX-XP, That's EM-XP, That's MR-XP, That's CD-IS, That'c CD-IIS, That's CD-IVS, That's CD-IF, That'c CD-IIF, That's CD-IVF, That's OW-I, That's OW-II, That's OW-IV, That's AS-I, That's AS-II, That's AS-IV, That's CD/IF, That'c CD/IIF, That's CD/MH, That's CD/IV, That's SUONO.

February 03, 2010: Huge Update in Maxell section. We added 1991-2000 for Japanese, US and European markets. (Japanese dating is pretty reliable but US and European may have some glitches - if you see something wrong please let me know). We added about 120 cassettes!

November 01, 2009: Updated BASF Section: Division onto European, US and Japan market. 27 new cassettes (mostly from US and Japan market).

October 21, 2009: Added Denon GR-I and GR-Is from Japanese line-up of Denon 1992, added Denon RG-S and HG-S from Japanese line-up of Denon 1992 and updated picture of Denon HG-X from Japanese line-up of Denon 1990. Added Fuji FL from US/EUR line-up of 1980-81.

October 03, 2009: Finishing redoing TDK section, now all pictures are of best quality. (uploaded 35 better TDK pictures - Mostly Japanese line-ups from 1990-93).

September 24, 2009: Uploaded much better pictures for TDK cassettes (about 60 from years 1982-1990).

September 14, 2009: Added AXIA GT-I and AXIA GT-II from 1985 and AXIA METAL from 1990. Also better pictures of AXIA JP and AXIA PS-I both from 1985.

September 13, 2009: Now we have more then 1000! sealed cassettes in the database. WOW! Added: SONY EXIST (4 different versions), SONY HIP-POP (3 different versions) and SONY A-LA. Better pictures of SONY 1989 Japan line-up cassettes.

August 09, 2009: Huge update in DENON section: 74 new cassettes! Mostly from Japanese Market. Denon had some great and beautiful cassettes in Japanese Market. Check them out! Denon RE, DENON RE-X, DENON RD, DENON RD-Z, DENON RD-X, DENON RD-Z, DENON RD-S, DENON RD-XS, DENON DX-3F, DENON RG, DENON RG-S, DENON RG-X, DENON GR-I, DENON C'D0-1, DENON HD, DENON HD-X, DENON HD-XS, DENON HG, DENON HG-S, DENON HG-M, DENON GR-II, DENON GR-IIs, DENON GX-II, DENON C'DO-2 DENON CD-Jack IV, DENON MD, DENON MG-X, DENON GR-IV, DENON HD-6S, DENON HD-7S, DENON HD-7S, DENON HD-MS, DENON CR-II Added.

July 28, 2009. HUGE Update in TDK section! This was our first section almost 2 years ago and it was outdated. Now we have 332 TDK cassettes! There are some minute differences between US and EUROPE cassettes that has been discovered and addressed. The whole line-ups were previously mixed up. Enjoy! Many intersting old cassettes have been added (TDK KROM-O2, TDK MAVERICK ...). I am in the process of retaking the old pictures and replacing with new ones.

July 10, 2009: Fuji FL, Fuji FR-I, FR-II and Metal from 1977-79 US/Euro market has been added.

July 09, 2009: Fuji FR-I, FR-II and Metal from 1980-81 US/Euro market has been added. Also better pictures for Fuji DR, Fuji ER, Fuji UR, Fuji SR from 1980-81 Japan market.

June 14, 2009: Rare SONY UHF from US market 1972 added. Also Sony Metallic from US and Europe market 1978 and SONY UX PRO from US market 1992.

April 27, 2009: Better pictures of Maxell XLI-S and XLII-S (1980-82 USA) and Maxell UD (1980-82 JAP) and Maxell CD Capsule (1990-91 JAP).

April 16, 2009: SONY EHF and SONY HFX from US market has been added.

April 07, 2009: HUGE HUGE HUGE Update in SONY section. Added many interesting cassettes. (118 new cassettes). Still I do not know how to place various SONY EF SONY CDit SONY CDit II cassettes.

March 23, 2009: HUGE Update in Maxell section, splitted into JAPAN/US/EUROPE markets. Added many interesting cassettes: Maxell UDXL from 1976, and Japanese line-ups for 1978-79, and 1990-91, 1992-93. (38 new cassettes).

Feb 26, 2009: Extremely rare BASF Ferro Super I and BASF Metal Maxima IV from 1988-89 added. Thanks to "kirunavaara"

Feb 10, 2009: Added: Axia JP, JP-F, PS-I, PS-II from 1985, Axia JP-F from 1988, Axia PS-Ix, GT-Ix from 1989. Better pictures: Axia UP, PS-Is, PS-IIs from 1989 and Axia JP-F from 1989.

Jan 31, 2009: Axia PS-Is and PS-IIs from 1987 added. Axia PS-Ix from 1987 better picture added.

Jan 26, 2009: Fuji FR-II from 1982 added. FUJI UR and FUJI ER from 1980 added.

Dec 21, 2008: Fuji ER and FUJI FR-I from 1982 added. Some Sony pictures updated.

Nov 05-11, 2008: Major rework of the html code. Site will run faster.

Oct 26, 2008: Update in BASF section (30 new cassettes) now it covers 1970-1996. Still some cassettes are missing and some I do not know where to place. Also USA market is not well covered and Japanese market is missing.

Oct 25, 2008: FUJI FC has been added (1972) thanks to "kirunavaara"

Oct 24, 2008: Huge Update in FUJI/ AXIA section. Now it covers 1972-1997 Japan Market. Unfortunately many cassettes are still missing. Please help.

Sept 30, 2008: Finally AGFA section has been added

Sept 28, 2008: Major update in BASF section (now covers 1975-1993). Also I have figured out BASF professional line (this are just regular cassettes for USA market).

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