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Ampex Audio Cassette history.

Ampex Electric and Manufacturing Company was formed by the russian inventor Alexander M. Poniatoff in San Carlos, California. The name AMPEX consists Poniatoff's initials "AMP" with "EX" added at the end for "excellent". At the end of World War II, Bing Crosby has placed an order for $50,000 worth of the new recorders so that Ampex could develop a commercial production model based on AEG Magnetophons. The company's first tape recorder, the Ampex Model 200A, was first shipped in April 1948. In 1966 Ampex built their first 16-track recorder, the model AG-1000. Later they introduced the 16-track MM-1000, which quickly became legendary for its tremendous flexibility, reliability and outstanding sound quality. Facing a tough competition from Studer and Japanese manufacturers such as Otari and Sony, Ampex withdrew from the professional audio tape recorder market entirely in 1983.

The Ampex Recording Media Corporation was spun off in 1995 as Quantegy Inc., and is now known as Quantegy Recording Solutions

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