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Sanyo Audio Cassette history.

SANYO Electric Works was founded in 1947 (Honmachi, Moriguchi City, Osaka) and incorporated as SANYO Electric Co. in 1950.

In early 1970's Sanyo became one of the largest company producing car stereos and tape players/recorders. Later on Sanyo become extremely sucessful in developing and producing different type of batteries and remains the world number one producer of rechargeable batteries. In 2009 Sanyo was aquired by Panasonic corporation.

Sanyo was issuing cassettes under names Fisher, OTTO and ORA.

Sanyo 1972-73 JPN Sanyo 1972-74 EUR
Sanyo 1974 JPN
Sanyo 1975 JPN Sanyo 1975 EUR
Sanyo 1976-78 JPN Sanyo 1976-77 EUR
Sanyo 1977-78 EUR
Sanyo 1978-83 JPN Sanyo 1978-83 EUR Sanyo 1980-83 E EUR
Sanyo 1983-85 JPN Fisher 1982-85 Sanyo 1983-85 EUR Sanyo 1983-86 E EUR
Sanyo 1986-91 JPN Sanyo 1986-88 EUR
Sanyo 1992-94 JPN Sanyo 1995 EUR

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